Open Source Software

Open source software is software whose use, study, modification and duplication for distribution is permitted, technically and legally. Open source software offers several advantages versus proprietary software.

License fees

Being operated under the GNU GPL v3 license, the licensing fees for ERPNext are non-existent. Customers therefore have no fees to pay for the software itself. Acquisition fees compared to proprietary software are therefore lower. This advantage is repeated with every new version that can be implemented without license fees, compared to proprietary software.


ERPNext was produced by a community of people who are passionate about ERP systems. Therefore, they naturally have the most common features in this area. It forms a reliable and solid basis for people and companies who wish to add specific features not yet covered. It is therefore often updated with new features that would never have been introduced otherwise in a closed or proprietary software.


ERPNext has been developed from the software structure Frappé which is a tool that allows rapid development of applications. Frappé allows you to save a lot of time and resources, since those who want to add a new feature can use the development modules in Frappé. It is indeed simpler to start from ERPNext and to add the functionality that interests you rather than start from scratch and write a complete software.


Thanks to the open availability of the sources and the possibility to modify them, ERPNext allows the contribution of a multitude of independent developers. These contributions are sometimes involved in small parts of the software, and are done by different people around the world with no relationship to each other than the common source code. This allows the exploration of different technical solutions, and generally the best one is retained. Over the long term, thanks to the selection of the best technical solutions, ERPNext has proven to be efficient and performant.

Reliability and security

Thanks to the availability of the source code and the freedom to consult them or modify them, any user who knows how to do so, is given the means to correct the errors and security issues that he can detect. In this way, the risk of errors and security breaches is considerably reduced. Thus ERPNext achieves a very high reliability.

This argument is also valid for all security concerns. The flaws in software and errors that can be exploited in order to divert the software from its normal function are also sought after by many people and by computer security experts. Thus, security vulnerabilities are detected and corrected more quickly for open source software than for proprietary software. Note that some people claim that security flaws in proprietary software are not easily exploited because source code is not available. Unfortunately, this is often offset by the fact that software vendors are less likely to provide patches quickly, and tend to wait for a new release to correct the vulnerabilities.

Compliance with standards

Open source software developers constantly have standards compliance in mind. Indeed, only standards guarantee perfect interoperability with other software. As a result, ERPNext has all the functions to enable communication with third party software. It is therefore possible to share information between ERPNext and another software.

Guarantee of freedom

The availability of the source code guarantees the freedom for the customer. It guarantees to the users of ERPNext the durability of the software that they use and their independence vis-à-vis the editors of this software.

Generally, users of proprietary software are hostages of the publishers of such software. In case of problems, they are totally dependent on their supplier. Conventional service contracts are not only costly, but often inefficient, because fixing a bug often involves waiting for the next version (and buying it).

Conversely, with ERPNext, users can solve the problems themselves if they have the means, or hire the services of a specialized company, which then ensures an optimal service contract. In both cases, users are assured of the correct operation of their ERP software. Users have even the choice of solution to their problem if several solutions are available.

Finally, there is no reason to fear that the software will be abandoned by the publishing company, since users always have access to the source code and can maintain or have it maintained. ERPNext therefore has a guarantee of durability.